Sep 16, 2012

Click Click Cash

Guess what? I finished my second book called CLICK CLICK CASH and it's now on Amazon. Feeling very good right now, like floating on a cloud. This new book is about the Paid To Click (PTC) industry based on all my years of clicking, the experiences and many many lessons learned. It's no secret I am a big fan of PTC websites and love sharing all my knowledge about them with anyone who asks. In the popular Mylot forum, of course most of the members constantly discuss PTC websites and constantly ask me questions. I found myself replying to the same questions all the time. That's when I decided to write down my answers and put them in a book to help others.

The book is a great tutorial for PTC newbies. It explains in detail how PTC works and even gives a glossary of terms. After readers understand the basics, the book also tells them how to find paying websites and how to avoid scams. Lots of good information and advice in this book but there is also something the experienced clicker can use. The chapter on scams is very much needed judging by all the discussions started in Mylot. Believe it or not, members click for years and still manage to get scammed. Besides PTC websites, there are other ways of earning online listed in the book. Just like my blog here, my writing style is user friendly and does a great job of explaining things so the reader is comfortable and actually retains more information easily. Ok so now the big question, how can you get a copy of this book? Just click on the banner below and enjoy. Although the book is reasonably priced ($3.75), you can also get a free copy, that is if you don't mind filling out a short survey on the ShareCash website (see link under My Favorites).


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