Dec 15, 2012

Goal for 2013 - Consolidation

Well 2012 is almost over and it's been quite exhausting, so much to do with so little time. The word and action that will be taken next year is CONSOLIDATION. The dictionary definition is "to unite into one system or combine". I have been heading in this direction for a long time and it started with deleting all the scam, non paying, forever changing terms, waste of time PTC websites and just keeping the reliable, paying websites. For those of you who participate in Paid to Click, you have been down this same road. Although PTC sites have been slow for me these days, I learned a very important lesson this year by watching the admins. Take a look around, start comparing all your favorite earning websites and hopefully you will see the same thing. We all know most PTC sites are designed for advertising, that's the bulk of their business. However, now sites are adding surveys, paid searches, offers, tasks, coupons, videos, rebates for shopping, Facebook pages and tons of opportunities, just for members to earn. Some websites are even linking to real job boards or have a place in their forum where members can post jobs. It's basically a one stop shop,  everything you need in one place (remember consolidation), to help you earn a living online. Who could ask for anything more right?

Let me give you another example of consolidation. I joined this wonderful website called Swagbucks because a Mylotter told me it was an easy and fun way to earn some cash. They were definitely right and Swagbucks has paid me several times for doing close to nothing. Seriously this is not an endorsement to win any referrals. I installed the Swagbucks toolbar, take the daily poll and conduct searches, that's it. Since I spend so much time on the internet, most of my money comes from searches. Well things have been quite slow in the PTC world lately so I started looking around Swagbucks one day to find other ways of earning. They have the coolest videos especially ones that suit my interests. These are the same videos you find on Youtube and ETV. They even have movie trailers and I absolutely love those. Why the heck would anyone watch a video on Youtube for free when Swagbucks will pay you? My favorites are the celebrity gossip videos, you know when they catch the big star without makeup or kissing in public. 

Then I noticed they had free offers and coupons. Oh but wait it gets better. Cash back for shopping online? Wow, talk about a waste. I am a member of another "rebate" website which I hardly use and Swagbucks has the exact same stores this website has on their list. Ok scratch that rebate site off my list; one less banner to advertise on my website. One of my favorite PTC websites also has a paid to search toolbar but guess what? They did not pay as much as Swagbucks and they had restrictions on how many searches could be done in one day. Then they had the nerve to change their terms and require members to do at least one offer in order to be paid. Of course you already know what happened to them right? Scratch that website off my list. Are you getting the picture now? What is the point of having a whole bunch of websites that do the same thing? The more stuff I do on Swagbucks, the more I can earn. Not trying to say that Swagbucks is the premiere website but just using them as an example so you see my point. If you find a website that has everything you need, make this website your favorite and watch how quickly the money adds up. Remember, the Goal for 2013 is Consolidation.

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